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Supporting the Vanipedia project

  • All endeavors in this world require financial assistance. As Vanipedia is a free online encyclopedia, we need generous support to sustain the project. Web platforms offer good value for money, and due to the assistance of many volunteers our donors can be satisfied that their offerings will bring about a maximized result in building Śrīla Prabhupāda's encyclopedia.
  • Giving charity is a noble gesture, and Śrīla Prabhupāda explains in the the purport of Bhagavad-gita 11.54: that charity given to spread Kṛṣṇa consciousness, is the greatest charity in the world. Why? Because Kṛṣṇa consciousness is a benediction to humanity, and those who help in any way to give that benediction offer the greatest charity.
  • The more Śrīla Prabhupāda's teachings become accessable and understood, the better the chances are that Kṛṣṇa consciousness can be successfully practiced and spread. Vanipedia is uniquely dedicated to this one goal.
  • Donating money to Vanipedia is a much appreciated Vaniseva. We thank all our supporters, and pray that they can receive the full blessings of Śrīla Prabhupāda and Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa. All donations small or large are welcome.

Donating Via Paypal

You can send the donation to our paypal account: [email protected]. If you decide for this option, please send it as a gift/personal (not as a purchase) otherwise we have to pay some charges for the incoming donation.

Donating Via Bank

Bank Name: Belfius
Bank Address: Blvd Pacheco 44, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Account name: Vanipedia
Account number: 088-2397066-94
IBAN number: BE87 0882 3970 6694
Swift number: GKCCBEBB
  • Write a reference: Your name and the words "Vanipedia donation"
  • All countries in the euro-zone of Europe are not subject to bank charges when using the IBAN number.

Donating Via Credit Card

At the moment we do not have online credit card processing. If you would like to give a donation via credit card, it can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Use the PayPal which facilitates donations via credit cards
  • Send a fax of the details of your card, 16-digit number, 3-digit security number on the back, expiry date, and name on the card to ++32 86 322029 and state how much you would like to offer as a donation.
  • Telephone the details of your card, 16-digit number, 3-digit security number on the back, expiry date, and name on the card to ++32 86 323280 and tell the devotee how much you would like to offer as a donation.

We can process only Visa and MasterCards.

Donations from USA

In order to receive tax deductions for USA donations, please direct these gifts to ITV (Iskcon Television Productions - a 5013C non-profit charitable organization) which is a designated affiliate of Vanipedia. Please contact Nrsimhananda prabhu at [email protected] 100% of all donations will be transfered to Vanipedia. ITV is generously offering a free complete Srila Prabhupada DVD library set (19 doubled-layered DVDs) for all donations over $300.00.

Find out more about us

The Vanipedia website is being developed by the Prabhupada Vani Research Academy

Support Programs

  • As with all programs of support, it is nice to focus on a theme. Thus we have decided to focus on the specific time that Śrīla Prabhupāda spent on the planet - 81 years - and the nine processes of devotional service.

  • A person donating any amount they desire

Supporting Patron of Vanipedia

  • An individual person or legal entity donating at least 81 euros

Sustaining Patron of Vanipedia

  • An individual person or legal entity donating at least 810 euros
    • with possibility to make 9 monthly payments of 90 euros

Growth Patron of Vanipedia

  • An individual person or legal entity donating 8,100 euros
    • with possibility to make 9 yearly payments of 900 euros

Foundational Patron of Vanipedia

  • An individual person or legal entity donating 81,000 euros
    • with possibility to make 9 yearly payments of 9,000 euros

Contact us

If there are any questions you would like to have answered before offering a donation you can:

  • email to Visnu Murti dasa at [email protected]
  • telephone ++32 86 323280
  • snail mail to;
Prabhupada Vani Research Academy
Petite Somme 2
6940 Durbuy

List of Donors


  • Jagatam dasi - England
  • Chris Godbold - England
  • Bhagavata Ananda dasa - England
  • Laksmirupa dasi - Denmark
  • Bhakta Lior - Israel
  • Nayanananda dasa - Croatia
  • Mark Kenzer - USA
  • Rayan Koendjbiharie - Holland
  • Alexander Sablin - Russia
  • Mahi-Bharta - Slovenia
  • Perdeep Kumar - Singapore
  • Chandrasekara Acarya dasa - Singapore
  • Gauranga Sundara dasa - England
  • Raghunatha dasa - Holland
  • Ross Burroughs - England
  • Mangalavati Citra devi dasi - Sweden
  • Ananda Vardhana & family - Germany
  • Bhaktavasagovinda - Poland
  • Anonymous - Spain
  • Hayagriva dasa - Germany
  • Paramisvara & Gopali - Slovakia
  • Ramin Baranpourian - USA
  • Mandali devi dasi - Croatia
  • Shane - England
  • Madhava dasa - Mumbai, India
  • Pablito - Italy
  • Venkata - Australia
  • Nalin and Smita - England
  • Vinoda Manjari and family - Belgium
  • Anant Saraogi - India
  • Sahadeva - Belgium
  • Vasudeva and - USA
  • Cholendra - USA

Supporting Patrons

  • Anonymous - Belgium
  • Miriam Morland - Norway
  • Jita Kandarpa dasa and Lilanandini dasi - Belgium
  • Magnus H. Myrene - Norway
  • Kumari Priya dasi - USA
  • Chris Fellingham - England
  • Sudarsana dasa and Archana dasi - Singapore
  • Yogesh Patel - USA
  • Kantilal Panna - Singapore
  • Mahaprabhu dasa - Belguim
  • Jaideep gahlawat - India
  • Radha Giridhari dasi - Brazil
  • Mani Shankar - Kuwait
  • Suan - England
  • Vijay Hirani - England
  • Jaya Ravindran - India
  • Acaryavan, Gaura & Lila - England
  • Akrura dasa - England
  • Ekanath - Holland
  • Balarama - USA
  • Ryan - USA
  • Alexander Georgiadis - USA
  • Savartma & Divya - USA
  • Yasodanandana das - Italy
  • Siddarth Vachhani - England
  • Kody and Nicole - South Africa
  • Arnab - Mumbai
  • Krsndas - Radhadesh
  • Rama and Family - England
  • Matsyavatar - Italy
  • Aristanasana - France
  • Ban Bihari - India
  • Mayapur - England
  • Sadbhuj Gauranga & Manohari Gopi - Singapore
  • Nashvin Gangaram

Sustaining Patrons

  • Laksmipriya devi dasi - Belgium
  • Narahari dasa - India
  • Advaita Candra dasa - France
  • Mukunda Datta dasa - Belgium
  • Saurabhi - Kuwait

Growth Patrons

Foundational Patrons

Donations of Computer Hardware

  • Nimesh Patel and family - England (4 notebooks)
  • Siva and Sharmila - Singapore

Updated 24th June 2015


  • Conception till birth (October 2006) to the launch of version 0.1 (March 2008) a total expense of only 13,867 euro was spent and from the launching of version 0.1 (March 2008) until the launching of version 0.2 (October 2008) a total expense of 10,818.85 euro was spent.

Total expenses so far

updated on the 31st of September 2012

  • So far our operational expenses have been only 97,378 euro
    • an average of only 1,371 euro per month. Not bad for 6 full years of operating, and with all that has been achieved so far, it makes really good value for money.
  • BLS also made a capital investment of 120,000 euro by building an extension to house offices and living facilities for Vanipedia, and now we need to expand our faciliaties for IT and web promotion departments in Mayapura.

If we do manage to get some extra support there are alot more projects within Vanipedia that we can achieve.

Projected expenses

  • 3,000 to 5,000 euro a month will help greatly to expand the operations. Our present pace will not let us finish the Vanipedia timely, thus more assistance will facilitate a faster speed of completion.
  • Infrastructural development will be needed to sustain the project as it naturally grows.