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Living peacefully doesn't only apply from human to human, but applies from humans to every other living entity in this world. Although meat-eaters may sometimes out of guilty conscience deny physically killing an animal, they cannot escape the karma that they acquire by cooking and eating the meat. Animals have a lower consciousness level than us humans, but that does not give us the licence to kill anything that we fancy in order to satisfy our tongues. If we cannot create a living being despite all the advancement of material science, then clearly, we do not have the right to kill a living being according to our whims and fancies. By becoming a well-wisher for all living entities in this world, one is known to possess the most exalted qualification in world; that of becoming a pure devotee of the Lord. Therefore, any form of violence is totally unacceptable and a devotee's first job then becomes to stop this violence, whether it be against animals or against humans.

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