720526 Lecture - Srila Prabhupada Speaks a Nectar Drop in Los Angeles

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"So to get this body means I have got material desire This (indistinct), this is the philosophy. Anyone who has got this material body, beginning from Brahmā... He is considered the first creature within this universe, most intelligent, most learned, but still, because he has got this material body, he's not akāma, without any material desire. He has got material desire. He wanted to become the supreme head of one universe. Just like we try to become supreme head of a family, then of a society, then of a nation, of a community. Then I desire to be head also. Go on, go on, increasing, to lord it over. So, so long there will be desire to lord it over, then we have to accept a body. It doesn't matter what kind of body. It may be Brahmā's body, it may be cat's body, it may be man's body, it may be bird's body, it may be beast's body. That will depend on my desire. But if I have got any desire, material desire, to fulfil, then I must be prepared for accept next body, another."
720526 - Lecture SB 02.03.09 - Los Angeles