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A Month in the Life of Srila Prabhupada - April 1966

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The Months in the Life of Srila Prabhupada present 2200+ of his lectures; 905+ of his conversations; 490+ of his morning walks;
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These statements from the Months in the Life of Srila Prabhupada offer unparalleled insights into his devotional character; his vision to re-spiritualize human society; his dedication to translate, publish & distribute his books; his expertise to tirelessly lead & manage his worldwide movement; his empowered ability to encourage, care for, train & clearly communicate the disciplines he expects from all his disciples as he engages them in their pursuit of Krsna consciousness & performance of missionary activities. Through all these situations one can also experience how Srila Prahhupada consistently represents the pure teachings of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates.

Apr 1 to 30 - New York

1966 - April 01

Lecture BG 02.48-49 - New York
Nectar Drops from Srila Prabhupada
"This material body, we must always know, this is a foreign thing. We have already explained to you that this is just like dress. Dress. Dress is a foreign thing to my body. Similarly, this gross and subtle body—gross body of this material five elements and the subtle body of mind, ego, intelligence—they are my foreign things. So I am now encaged in foreign things. My whole life mission is to get out of these foreign things. I want to be situated in my real spiritual body. That can be done if you practice."
660401 - Lecture BG 02.48-49 - New York

Go-up.png 1966 - April 05

Lecture BG 02.49-51 - New York
Twenty-four Hours Engagement - 0013
03:51 minutes from a lecture on BG 02.49-51 in New York
Nectar Drops from Srila Prabhupada
"Now, Bhagavad-gītā also confirms that, once begun, this spiritual life, then he's not loser in the sense that his human life is guaranteed in the next birth. In the ordinary duty, you do not know whether you'll have again this human body or not. There is no certainty. That will depend on your quality of work. But here, if you begin your spiritual life, sacrificing all other duties, then your next life as human being is guaranteed, guaranteed."
660405 - Lecture BG 02.49-51 - New York

Go-up.png 1966 - April 12

Lecture BG 02.51-55 - New York
Nectar Drops from Srila Prabhupada
"So what Śrī Kṛṣṇa says here? That karma-jam, karma-jam (BG 2.51), that 'Every, your any work which you are performing, that is creating some reaction for future enjoyment or suffering. But if you act intelligently, in collaboration with the supreme consciousness, then you'll be free from this bondage of birth, death, old age and diseases and, in your next life... This is a training period. This life will be a training period, and as soon as you are fully trained up, then the next result will be that after giving up this body you come to My kingdom.' Tyaktvā dehaṁ punar janma naiti mām eti kaunteya (BG 4.9). So this is the whole process."
660412 - Lecture BG 02.51-55 - New York

Go-up.png 1966 - April 15

Lecture BG 02.55-58 - New York
Nectar Drops from Srila Prabhupada
"This very world in which we are standing, this very platform, this will also be vanquished. That is the law of this material nature. Nothing will subsist. Nothing will continue. Everything will be finished. Just like our, this body will be finished. Now I have got this beautiful body. Suppose seventy years, my age, seventy years before, the body had no existence, and, say, after five or ten years more the body will have no existence, so for seventy or eighty years this manifestation of the body. So what is this manifestation in the course of this material world, so many things coming? Just like a bubble in the ocean."
660415 - Lecture BG 02.55-58 - New York

Go-up.png 1966 - April 19

Lecture BG 02.55-56 - New York
Nectar Drops from Srila Prabhupada
"We are, at the present moment, in our material condition, we are manufacturing ideas, and being baffled also because it is the business of the mind to create something and again reject it. Mind will think something, 'Yes, let me do this', it will decide, 'Oh, better not to do this'. This is called saṅkalpa-vikalpa, deciding and rejecting. And this is due to our unsteady condition in the material platform. But when we decide to act according to the supreme consciousness, at that stage, there is no such duality that 'Let me do it' or 'Let me not do it'. No. There is only one thing, 'Let me do it. Let me do it because it is sanctioned by the superior consciousness' The whole Bhagavad-gītā is based on this principle of life."
660419 - Lecture BG 02.55-56 - New York

Go-up.png 1966 - April 25

Lecture BG Excerpt - New York

Go-up.png 1966 - April 27

Lecture BG 02.58-59 - New York
Simply Hanker after Spiritual Things - 0196
08:06 minutes from a lecture on BG 02.58 in New York
Letter to Sumati Morarjee written from New York
Nectar Drops from Srila Prabhupada
"Without knowledge, one cannot be detached. And what is that knowledge? The knowledge is that 'I am not this matter; I am spirit soul.' So... But this knowledge is... Although it is very easy thing to say, that "I am not this body, but I am spirit soul," but actually to have perfect knowledge, that is a great job. It is not very easy. For getting that supreme knowledge so many, I mean to say, transcendentalists, they were trying life after life, just to get detached. But the easiest process is that if one is engaged in the devotional service. That is the formula given in Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam. Vāsudeve bhagavati (SB 1.2.7). Vāsudeve bhagavati, 'in the Personality of Godhead, Kṛṣṇa.' Vāsudeva is Kṛṣṇa."
660427 - Lecture BG 02.58-59 - New York

Go-up.png 1966 - April 29

Lecture BG 02.59-69 - New York

Go-up.png 1966 - April 30

Letter to Reserve Bank of India written from New York