Cekitana devi dasi Remembers Srila Prabhupada

Prabhupada Memories

Interview 01

Cekitana: I joined the Melbourne temple with quite a few other hippies as we were previously living in Sydney. We went to Melbourne on a trip and found that Upendra and Upananda had just opened the temple there. Previously I wasn’t in a very good state because I’d actually had a kundalini explosion from taking too much LSD. Like Hayagriva mentioned, we wanted to stay high forever because we thought, “What was there to come down to?” When Prabhupada came to the temple, I had a son who was only eight months old and I had already blown my mind, so I was in a pretty strange state. But Prabhupada imparted to me that if I just kept chanting, I would be all right. I went along with it, started chanting and have never stopped.

Prabhupada was brave. He was willing to endure so much just to satisfy the order of his spiritual master, and his accomplishments were even more astonishing at his advanced age. Since I turned seventy years old, I now have a better appreciation of what he went through. Now I want to distribute Prabhupada’s books, and just knowing what Prabhupada accomplished gives me inspiration and hope that I can also do what he has asked of me.

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