Dr. Jayalakshmy Warrier Remembers Srila Prabhupada

Following Srila Prabhupada

Interview DVD 03

Dr. Jayalakshmy: What we were thinking was mostly at that time they were hippies. So they are being converted into good people, so we should help them whatever way we can. We are not rich or anything, but whatever little in the house is there we should give. They used to come for cold water because March-April was so hot. They are not used to this climate, and then we used to give nimbu water and whatever is available in the house we used to give them. Then once he was walking in the garden, Prabhupada. So some new devotees had come in the morning. So he shows our house and tells, “This is Hare Krishna annex. You all have left your mothers and come. Here is a mother for you and anything you want to know, you can ask her and that is the house,” and he pointed to our house. Afterwards we asked the devotees what he was telling. They said, “This is Hare Krishna annex.”