List of points for proofreading our multi-language pages

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Edit list for proofreading of multi-language pages

  1. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes and, if found, make the changes also to the subtitles at Dotsub;
  2. Check the title of the page, if it is still in English it should be changed to the page language, and if it is already in the page language and can be improved then please do that.
  3. If the title underneath the embedded video is still in English, change it to the same title as the Page title;
  4. Place a page break sign '''<br />''' just after the title of the page which is placed under the video. The dash - before Prabhupada should be just after the break. Like this: '''<br />-''' A sample title will look like this;
    <!-- BEGIN VIDEO LINK --> #:{{youtube_right|UVQ2S21TDnc|Källan Till Kunskap Skall Komma Från Utfrågning<br />- Prabhupāda 0012}} #:<!-- END VIDEO LINK -->
  5. Check for missing url links to Vanisource for cited verses and create them when needed. These links to Vanisource can be found on the equivalent English page;
  6. Check for spaces before (…) and delete them;
  7. Check for missing diacritics (see bottom of edit page to get them). You can also copy from the original Vaniquotes page;
  8. If it's a conversation, make sure there are blank lines separating each person speaking;
  9. Check for spaces at the beginning of a new line before the first letter and delete if found. (A space at the beginning causes the whole text to go inside a frame.)
  10. Make sure that (.) is consistently placed. either before ." or after ". quotation marks (depending on situation within a particular language or the rules of each language);
  11. The overall layout of the page should be same as the English page.
  12. Quoted verses should be indented. To do this, place ":" before every line of the verse.
    :yasyātma-buddhiḥ kuṇape tri-dhātuke
    :sva-dhīḥ kalatrādiṣu bhauma-ijya-dhīḥ
    :yat-tīrtha-buddhiḥ salile na karhicij
    :janeṣv abhijñeṣu sa eva go-kharaḥ
    :(SB 10.84.13)
  13. For giving titles in a particular language refer the English title. You can also refer to that particular dotsub video to match the title with the translation.
  14. When moving a language page, please remember to go to the redirect page that is created and delete it.