Navadwip das Remembers Srila Prabhupada

Following Srila Prabhupada

Interview DVD 10

Navadwip: I had heard that Prabhupada once in Hawaii was walking along Waikiki and he was noticing that although there were a lot of palm trees along the street, when he looked up there wasn’t any coconuts. So Prabhupada inquired about “Why aren’t there coconuts up in these coconut trees?” So the devotees told him, “Well, Prabhupada, the city feels that the coconuts may fall from the tree and hit one of the tourists on the head, so they removed all the coconuts.” Then Prabhupada said that “This is foolishness. Coconuts, they have eyes and they can see and they will not fall on anybody’s head.” So I’m in Prabhupada’s room, and all of a sudden this story that I had heard popped into my mind. So when there was a little pause, I told Prabhupada that story and I asked him if it was true. Then Prabhupada, with his eyes very wide, leaned back and put his hand up and said, “Yes, that is a fact that coconuts, they have eyes and they will not fall on people’s heads.”