Romapada Swami Remembers Srila Prabhupada

Prabhupada Memories

Interview 01

Romapada Swami: Prabhupada rang the bell on his desk, and his servant came in and offered obeisances. The servant was supposed to have done something but he had neglected to do it. Prabhupada’s mood shifted from one of happily appreciating the devotees’ artwork to being strong and firm with his servant. Everybody in the room became silent. As soon as the servant left, Prabhupada withdrew that anger and was again as before. Anger did not control him, but he used that mood to instruct a disciple and help that disciple stay properly situated in devotional service. Another point is that as Prabhupada writes, he also does. When persons came for darshan, without fail, there was always some prasadam for them even if it was something simple like cut fruit or macadamia nuts. Prabhupada would have his servant stay at the door to distribute prasadam to the guests as they left. Prabhupada was conscious of cultural etiquette. As Western devotees, if we have the right philosophy but the wrong behavior, we still feel justified. But Prabhupada also taught us the culture of Krishna consciousness.

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