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As a well-wishing teacher, guide, and guru, Srila Prabhupada constantly trained students to progress to more mature stages of discipleship. His numerous instructions were recorded in his books, letters, lectures, and conversations. After many years of thematically mapping those instructions, Vanipedia now offers these introductory articles showing the training Srila Prabhupada personally imparted to his disciples. A delightful presentation of his instructions on dreaming is found within this Vaniquotes category - Our Dreaming (Disciples of SP).

An introduction is given below in the following 8 quotes.



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Quotes from Srila Prabhupada's teachings

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So far dreaming is concerned, we regard dreaming condition as another form of illusion or maya, only more subtle, that's all. But just like we may be serving Krsna in our waking state and thinking about Him then, so also it is possible to dream about Krsna and the Spiritual Master and so many things. But generally we should not take such dreaming very seriously, these are not very important matters. But if we occasionally dream of Krsna, that is nice, that means you are making advancement in Krsna Consciousness. But do not take such things very seriously, important business is to become conscious of Krsna all the time by absorbing the mind, body, and words in pleasing Krsna, and that means following strictly the regulative principles and practices of devotional service. (Letter, Unknown Date, Unknown Place)

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