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Money is everything at the present moment. A person may have no good qualities, but if you’re wealthy, you’re greatly admired and considered a success. In Kali Yuga, everyone is madly trying to accumulate more and more money by working hard day and night. In this madness, one is full of anxiety and fear, not caring for the eternal spirit. We require money to live, but God’s plan is that we not take more than is required. Caitanya Mahāprabhu recommends that the actual benefit of this human form of life is to develop our dormant love for God and not to accumulate money, which can’t be taken with us at the time of death. A devotee naturally does not wish to accumulate a large bank balance; however, according to the advice of Śrīla Rūpa Gosvāmi, we should not give up attachment to money that can spread the Krishna consciousness movement. A pure devotee may be attracted to accumulating money just like an ordinary man, but the difference is that a devotee acquires money out of love for the service of the Lord, whereas the ordinary man acquires money for his own sense enjoyment.

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