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Krishna is the name of God which means one who is all-attractive. His features and qualities are so attractive that He is irresistible. He has all the opulences which attract people in general - like fame, wealth, beauty, knowledge and so on, but He has them to the fullest capacity.

To be a servant of Krishna means to be a servant of somebody who actually does not need any service from anyone as He has everything and anything. However there is one thing that Krishna is happy to receive - love. By serving Krishna with love, we can revive our dormant eternal loving relationship with Him, who is expert to reciprocate with His devotee the love He receives.

It is our constitutional nature as spirit souls to serve Krishna. We are infinitesimal parts and parcels of The Supreme soul, God. If we are not situated in our natural position, we will try to find shelter somewhere else and thus we will serve within the material energy. We may serve our family, country and many other purposes but we will never find complete satisfaction because unless we direct our service and love towards the real master, God, we will never get the reciprocation we are looking for.

Being Krishna's servant will full us with joy and happiness because we will finally be and accepted for who we really are. - spiritual beings full of love, eternity and knowledge.

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