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The symptoms of an advanced devotee are visibly attractive. These include being reserved, humble, and perseverant; always engaged in the service of the Lord and never wasting time; detached from material attraction, not longing for any material respect; certain that Krishna will always bestow His mercy; very eager to serve faithfully by glorifying, chanting and hearing the Lord’s transcendental qualities and activities; and attracted to those places where the Lord has His pastimes. An advanced devotee does not act in any way for personal sense gratification, only accepting those things favorable for the advancement of Krishna consciousness. Whatever is done, or thought, is for the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord. When we are sincere, Krishna brings us into their advanced association, which is the fastest and best way to make advancement in Krishna consciousness. Our dormant transcendental qualities awaken and blossom, and we advance in the practice of bhakti-yoga.

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