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As soon as we take birth in this material world, we are destined to perform activities. These activities we perform can bring us good reactions or bad reactions. Due to the taste or lust for sense gratification we are pushed to engage in sinful activities and for which we will definitely get sinful reactions. We suffer severely for those bad actions and sometimes those actions may lead us to the point of death. Covered by our lusty desires we forget all the severe pain we have been through, we again engage in sinful activities and for which we suffer even more pain. The only way we can be freed from suffering is by taking shelter of the Lord and His devotees. The spiritual master being a pure devotee of the Lord, accepts us under his shelter. He guides us and sometimes suffers the result of sinful reactions. Therefore we have to surrender to the Lord and His devotees.

Another way we can free ourselves from sinful reaction is by the process of chanting or calling out the names of God. The names of the lord are so powerful that just by chanting those names our sinful reactions are neutralized.

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