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Krishna is served by His devotees in so many rasas - transcendental mellows, or humor. Someone is serving Krishna as a servant, someone is serving as a friend, someone is serving as a father or a mother and someone is serving as a conjugal lover. These are five primary mellows and seven secondary mellows in which a devotee is connected with Krishna. Somebody is serving Krishna as enemy. The asuras also serve Krishna but as an enemy. Somebody is serving, giving pleasure to Krishna, by fighting with Him. So there are so many, twelve rasas. Akhila-rasāmṛta-sindhu. All the rasas that we have got experience within this world, they are coming from Krishna.

The more we are engaged in devotional service, the more our senses become pure or uncovered. And when they are completely uncovered, without any designation, then we are capable to serve Krishna. Krishna makes promise to one who is striving to serve Him sincerely that He will give such a devotee the intelligence by which he may come to Him. Therefore we should always pray that Krishna may kindly provide me the intelligence to kill all demons of doubt, and because He understands the heart of His sincere devotee, immediately He will give assistance.

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