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Unless there is control over our mind, it will dictate us to try something new: "Do like this." A Bengali poet has sung a song, ek ta nūtana kichu koro: "Do something new." This is the mind's business. He is not satisfied with old things. Nūtana kichu koro. The whole material world is like that. Ei nūtana kichu koro: "Do something new," and become implicated. We are not satisfied with old things.

There is an English proverb - "yielding to the new." But the Vedic civilization is "Do not try to invent some new order. That will create disturbance. Be satisfied with whatever you have got by nature's way, be satisfied. Don't spoil your time. Save time for Kṛṣṇa consciousness." That is Vedic civilization. That is the purpose of valuable life. The whole purpose of following Vedic civilization is to understand Kṛṣṇa. Vedic civilization is natural life. It offers us all the knowledge from the śāstras and does not recommend that one wastes their valuable life engaged in material happenings and instead encourages one's spiritual advancement.

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