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As human beings, all of us have feelings towards each other and/or for certain objects in our lives. Invariably, all of us have strong feelings towards our parents, and most of us love them. However, we must understand that as everything in this world is temporary, so are our relations as well as the feelings associated with them. If we realize that God (Krishna) is our Supreme, original and permanent father, then we will automatically develop a feeling of love towards Him. A general translation of this feeling of love is 'bhava' because there are various types of bhavas in one's devotion to the Lord. The three stages of transcendental development in devotional service, are technically called sthāyi-bhāva, anubhāva and mahābhāva. Continuous perfect love for God is known as sthāyi-bhāva, and when it is performed in a particular type of transcendental relationship it is called anubhāva. The stage of mahābhāva however, is visible amongst the personal pleasure potential energies of the Lord, which is what all devotees must aim to achieve.

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