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As a drop of water from a cloud - originally pure - becomes contaminated after contact with the earth, so also the original pure spirit soul becomes contaminated after contact with the material world. Material contamination works like the dust on a mirror - distorts reality. Thus the spirit soul starts to be affected by material contamination on different levels - in desires, acts and thoughts and the more energy one gives to deal with all these manifestations of contamination, the more one falls deeper into the mud of material existence.

The light and beauty of the soul becomes covered by thick layers of material contamination and one is lost in the dark ocean of the material world. The pure qualities of the spirit soul transform into materialy infected ones - from love and affection we digress to lust and greed, from knowledge we digress to pride and from eternity to fall to death.

These glum descriptions found in the Vedic literature are balanced by positive remedies. So although contact with this material energy contaminates us, there are very powerful spiritual methods of purification. By the cleansing process of selfless devotional service to God, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, we can purify our existence and gradually rise above the influence of all material contamination and regain our pure spiritual existence.

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