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"We must speak the real truth. You may like it or may not like it, that a Godless civilization cannot be happy in any stage. That is a fact. Therefore we have started this Krishna consciousness movement to awaken this Godless civilization, that you try to love God. This is the simple fact. You have got love within you. You want to love somebody. A young boy tries to love a young girl. A young girl tries to love another young boy. This is natural because the love is there, but we have created such circumstances that love is being frustrated. Why? Everyone is frustrated -- husband, wife, boys, girls, man to man, states to states, everywhere. The love is not being utilized properly. Why? The missing point is that we have forgotten to love the Supreme Person. That is the disease. So the purpose of religion is to train persons how to love God. That is the purpose of all religion, either you take Christianism or Hinduism or any 'ism.' The purpose is that you try to love God because that is our natural inclination." - Srila Prabhupada.

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