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Jijnasa is to be curious. When one is curious to know about his origins, he is undergoing 'athato brahma jijnasa'. Usually, people are ignorant of their origins and therefore, do not know the ultimate source of this manifestation. Scientists are helping us in finding some chemical compositions etc, but no one actually knows the primeval source of life within this material world. No philosopher, scientist or politician actually knows wherefrom we have come, why we are here struggling so hard for existence and where we will go. However, if we turn to our Vedic scriptures with jijnasa, we will not only be able to understand the Absolute Truth, but may also be fortunate enough to attain it after this life.

Srila Prabhupada's books, lectures, conversations and letters offer a comprehensive presentation of this essential subject as seen in the Vaniquotes Athato Brahma Jijnasa category. An introduction from his books is given below in the following 8 quotes.



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