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Caitya guru is one who gives conscience, knowledge and guidance from within. The logic behind this statement is that God (Lord Krishna) is seated within every living entity as the Supersoul, right next to our souls. The more we follow scriptural injunctions and take to the Vedic way of life, the more our soul is relieved from the pangs of material nature, and the more we become dearer to Krishna. Krishna has stated in the Bhagavad-gītā that He guides his devotees according to their surrender to Him; therefore, the more we become dear to Krishna, the more we get guidance from Him. In material terms, what we sometimes feel as our instincts (inner feelings) are actually the Supersoul within, guiding us to take decisions. Furthermore, if we are very sincere, Lord Krishna sends a spiritual master to guide us externally, in order for our devotional service to increase exponentially.

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