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What does Brahma-bhuta mean? Does it mean God? Scriptures say that brahma-bhuta is to come to the light of God, meaning that one has achieved liberation from this diseased material world, and has entered into the spiritual realm. The symptoms of a person in that state are that he is detached and is therefore self-satisfied, without any hankering for sense enjoyment. However, although one may be rather close to reaching God in that state, it does not mean that he has gone back to Godhead. While attaining the brahma-bhuta state is necessary to progress in devotional service, one has to understand that once he enters the spiritual realm, he is still quite prone to falling down again. Therefore, the only guaranteed method of going back to Lord Krishna and never returning to this material world is via pure loving devotional service to the Lord since being Krishna conscious means to be constantly engaged in sustaining the spirit, allowing one to remain afloat in pure spiritual activities.

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