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Depending on Lord Krishna (God's Name) for one's protection and sustenance is one of the principles of complete surrender to God. Krishna has stated in the Bhagavad Gita that He will protect His surrendered devotee, maintaining what he has and providing what he lacks. To the degree one depends on Krishna, to that degree the Lord protects him. A brahmana (a person who works as per the directives of the religious scriptures without expecting money or any other kind of material gain) depends on Krishna for all his material needs, and consequently Krishna provides them. But a devotee does not bother Krishna for any material shortcoming. He only asks for service (to God), because his only business is to please Krishna. Consequently, Krishna becomes pleased with him, and as He cannot reciprocate with the service attitude of such a devotee, He gives Himself to that devotee. Thus, a pure devotee of Krishna depends completely on His mercy, begging for His service, and in return gets a personal relation with Krishna.

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