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People in general do not seek an opportunity to render service. Rather, people like to be served and feel themselves the master. But ultimately, everybody is serving - his senses, family, superiors, country, etc. We can not avoid it, because it is an inherant part of our nature. We can only chose, if we serve the material energy which binds us or if we become servants of God which free us. By serving material energy, we will only serve partial goals and therefore stay on the material platform which is temporary and full of misery.

By becoming a servant of God we will find ultimate happiness and satisfaction which lasts eternally. Bhagavad-gita explains how all spirit souls are part and parcels of God and our constitutional position is to be His eternal servants. Just as by pouring water on the root of the plant, even the last branch will receive nutrition, in a same way, by serving Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, all the living entities will receive their nutrition and satisfaction.

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