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Worship is how devotees from any faith express their gratitude and devotion to God. The rituals involved in worshiping dieties of Radha and Krishna are an intricate part of bhakti-tradition to help the devotee to establish their relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead through personal service.

Worship of Radha and Krishna, in both general and ritualistic sense, is a very elevated topic but in a same time it is a basic concept of bhakti-yoga. Radha is the beloved consort of Krishna. She knows how to please Krishna and very happily engages others in service to her Lord and Master.

Radha-Krishna worship includes Laksmi-Narayana worship; therefore when one worships the Lord according to the regulative principles, the Lord accepts the service in the role of Laksmi-Narayana. Through regulated worship, Radha and Krishna will gradually cease to be just theoretical figures from some ancient holy scriptures. They will become living persons inseparably connected to us in a deep relationship of love and devotion.

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