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Lord Christ opens his Sermon on the Mount with eight verses known as the Beatitudes. The third verse is 'Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.' One who is meek is seen as someone who is teachable, tolerant, possessing inner strength, and who is patient under suffering. Meekness is described as an absence of feeling superior to others, or even comparing oneself to others at all. Commonly associated with meekness are modesty, gentleness, quietness and being lowly in spirit. Humility, an antonym of pride, is seen as lowering oneself in relation to others and a lack of aggressive self-assertion. One who is humble and meek often puts others interests' ahead of their own. It is an internal meditation in which one appreciates one's insignificance. The result is that it simultaneously enables internal peace and satisfaction to flourish while liberating one to help and serve others. In a world wrought with proud and arrogant individuals, who spend their days warring with one another, it is no wonder why Jesus proclaimed that those who are able to succeed in the cultivation of a humble and meek character are blessed: made holy, happy, protected.

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