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Adharma is the opposite of dharma, or religion. It means every manufactured thought or activity that makes us forget our eternal relationship with Krishna. Dharma means to love, serve, and execute the orders of the Supreme Lord which bring us back to our original Krishna consciousness. Adharma, or irreligion, means everything but that. It means denying the revealed scriptures; disobeying or ignoring God and His orders and how to become fit to execute these orders. As soon as we neglect our eternal occupational duty in relation with Krishna, we are liable to be punished and are subjected to the miseries of conditioned life. Modern civilization concocts defective religious principles through speculation, but in truth, it’s not possible to become independent of God’s laws. If one doesn’t surrender to Krishna’s authority, then whatever one’s doing is adharma, nonreligious. It is by accepting Krishna’s supremacy and surrendering to Him, and doing what He asks, that makes us happy.

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