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In this world everyone is working, working for community, working for country, working for nation, working for company,etc... everyone is working but all this work is material, which causes bondage in this world. Nobody will be happy as there is no success. As long as we are in this world the suffering will never end. The only way to end this suffering is by performing spiritual work - work for Krishna, which will lead us to the transcendental bliss surrounded by happiness. If we want to be happy than we must work for Krishna. This is the secret of happiness.

Any moment, any time we spend for thinking of Krishna, working for Krishna, chanting for Krishna, eating for Krishna, dancing for Krishna, that time is saved. Anything we do, if we do not work for pleasing Krishna, then that work will entangle us in the cycle of birth and death. But if you do for Krishna, there is no more reaction. That is our freedom. Yogaḥ karmasu kauśalam (BG 2.50). That is stated in the Bhagavad-gītā. Yoga, when we are in contact with Krishna, that is the secret of success in this material world, working. Otherwise whatever we are doing, whatever we are working, it will produce some reaction and we will have to either enjoy or suffer. Any work we do in this material world will soon be forgotten with time but any spiritual work we do will be remembered forever by the Lord.

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