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Determination is considered such a valuable personality trait because it indicates that one is motivated to succeed. One who is truly determined (willful, self-disciplined, ambitious, focused and optimistic) is able to get tasks done and accomplish goals. Determined people are usually self-motivated, and have a strong drive to achieve. A key component of determination is resilience, that ability to persevere in the face of obstacles and reversals. Practically any teacher, coach, employer, trainer, guru, or leader would want determined aspirants in their charge. Determination is required should we want to fulfill any desire. Material determination, however, is always under one of the three modes and causes us future suffering. Even those who are adamant about remaining in darkness and deny their spiritual self are said to have determination, but in the mode of ignorance. Spiritual determination on the other hand, is the very key to our success, for God helps those who help themselves.

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