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In the human form of life, one must learn these two things—how to become detached from the material world and how to acquire full knowledge in spiritual life. All methods of acquiring knowledge can be divided into two groups. The inferior method is to acquire knowledge from academic and empirical research obtained through the imperfect senses. Faithless nonbelievers may be highly educated in the material sense of the term, but factually they are the greatest fools because due to the influence of the external, material nature all their so-called acquisition of knowledge is made null and void. One should not simply acquire knowledge without reaching the goal of life. The superior method is to acquire knowledge from the original source of all knowledge, Krishna, the Supreme Person. The Lord's instructions in the form of Bhagavad-gītā are full of knowledge and renunciation. Krishna says that after many, many births of struggle, or attempts for acquiring knowledge, one comes to the summit point of understanding that He is the cause of all causes and all that is.

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