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In this age especially, in Kali-yuga we become very, very slow in spiritual progress, although that is our main business. But on account of this Kali-yuga, we are all very, very slow. We think that "Spiritual cultivation is meant for old age. Now let us enjoy our life in this material world." That is our wrong conception of life. What do you mean by old age? Nearing death. So who can guarantee that he is not nearing death? Everyone is nearing death at every moment. Why should you wait for old age? That is manda-mater, bad intelligence. We should know that death may take place at any moment. Therefore every one of us are already old. We generally understand that old age means nearing death, but who can guarantee that there is no death at any moment?. Therefore śāstra says tūrṇaṁ yateta anu-mṛtyu pateta yāvad, Before meeting our next death, we should endeavor so dexterously that we complete our Kṛṣṇa consciousness before our death comes. That is intelligence - knowing that we are already very old, and death is very near.

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