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Attaining pure love for Krishna (God's Name) is the goal of all revealed scriptures, including the Koran and the Bible. For eg. the Bible tells us "Love thy Lord with all thy heart and all thy soul". Love for Krishna is inherent to the living entities, but, due to forgetfulness of Krishna, is forgotten. This love is awakened again by serving the Lord, because then the Lord reminds the living entity of his eternal relation with Him, at which time the living entity remembers his love for God. This love is very difficult to understand or analyze. Unflinching, simple faith in the Lord is the symptom of pure love, and unconditional surrender (to Krishna) is its manifestation. Such a devotee has no agitation from material affections and is interested only in the service of Radha (the topmost lover of Krishna) and Krishna in Vrindavana (the original, primeval abode of God). Elevation to this stage of ecstasy is possible in two ways, 1. by constant association with pure devotees (of Krishna), which is obtained only by mercy, whereby one starts to perform devotional activities under the influence of that association and eventually attracts the attention or Krishna or His devotee, who bestow that love upon the practitioner, and 2. by a special mercy of Krishna or a pure devotee of Krishna, when one is favored even without having any devotional credits. In any case, love can only be given/received, it is never learnt nor achieved (by efforts).

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