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Worship is how devotees from any faith express their gratitude and devotion to God. The rituals involved in worshiping in the temple are intricate parts of the bhakti-tradition to help a devotee establish their relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead through personal service.

Temple worship is especially beneficial for neophyte devotees who are just beginning on the path of devotion. By visiting the temples of the Lord, by bowing down to him and gazing upon His beautiful forms on the altar, our heart will gradually lose interest in glimmer of this material world where we encounter so much hankering and lamentation.

Temple worship may be very simple, one can offer some prayers or a flower, but it can be also very intricate and complex and even with opulence and luxury. But whatever way it is performed, the main idea is same - to please God and give Him our love and devotion by directing our attention and energy towards him. By using our possessions and money in temple worship, naturally our relationship with God is established and our whole life is purified.

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