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Psychologists and social & behavioral scientists agree with the old adages: 'birds of a feather flock together' as well as 'we are known by the company we keep.' Our friends have an important influence over our feelings, thinking, and behavior. The noted benefits of surrounding oneself with good association include stronger self-confidence and will power, improved health and longevity, better financial planning and decision making in general. In spiritual life, intimate association is perhaps even more important. We rely on fellow devotees, our selected sanga or inner circle, to help us to uphold our religious vows and beliefs. If one makes close relationships with nondevotees, those who do not support one's practice, it is more than likely that one's faith will suffer and in time may be lost all together. It is said that those who are not on the path of transcendence, the nondevotees, do not manifest good qualities, on the contrary, they are typically consumed with mundane topics and self-destructive habits. The nondevotees live a life of self-defeating patterns and are unable to extricate themselves from lower desires, and are thus incapable of uplifting others. Their association leads one further into darkness and illusion.

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