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That is the sign of devotee: appreciation of the activities of other devotees. This appreciation means a devotee who is actually freed from all contamination, he does not find any fault with other devotees. That is the sign. He does not think himself that he is bigger devotee or greater devotee than others. He thinks himself as the lowest of all. Kṛṣṇa always appreciates when His devotee makes some sacrifice on His behalf, so there is no real difficulty under any conditions so long as we remember the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Simply appreciation of the greatness of God, that is good, in God consciousness, but that is not love. When one is actually spiritually advanced, he has no such appreciation. Just like Lord Jesus Christ, he was crucified, but he never protested because he had no bodily consciousness at all. So when one is spiritually advanced, there is no bodily consciousness.

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