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Democracy is defined as a system of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. However, a people in general cannot choose who is fit to be their leader as they lack the intelligence. Especially in the present times, everyone is born a shudra (a person without much intellectual understanding). Therefore Srila Prabhupada called democracy as government of the shudras, by the shudras, and for the shudras. What is needed is government of Krishna (God's Name) and for Krishna. As Krishna is root of all existence, pleasing Krishna takes care of everyone's needs. As everything in creation belongs to Krishna, so everything must be utilized for His satisfaction. Such a government can only exist under the direction of a pure devotee (of Krishna). A devotee is naturally sympathetic to all, including all classes of men, plus all other living entities, and he also has the intelligence given him by Krishna, as to how he may serve all by engaging them in God's service. Thus a government by a devotee/devotees is the only acceptable form of (or even option to) democracy. Otherwise in the name of democracy we have only systems where one class of people is fighting another at international, national, communal, neighbourhood, familial or individual levels, because nobody is satisfied (under the present day form of democracy). In fact, if people of the world became Krishna Conscious (lovers of Krishna), then automatically they will accept the directions of a superior devotee (of Krishna), whether in a monarchy or in a democracy. In the absence of this scenario, however, Srila Prabhupada has rightly called democracy as 'demon crazy'.

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